Have a Strong "Why"

July 29, 2018

Some people overlook the importance of having a strong "why". Over the weekend, I was reminded of the importance of knowing and understanding why you do what you do. If you're working toward your dream, you probably already know that obstacles, pitfalls, rejection, and many other elements will arise during the course of your journey that could potentially cause you to stumble. They will come in various forms; sickness, family issues, money problems, you name it. The key to really pushing through those obstacles is having a very strong why.


It's been said that if your why doesn't make you cry, that's not your why. That's a fairly bold statement, but it illustrates just how strong your why should be. It should be something that moves you emotionally. My why is my mother. She passed about four years ago and was glad that I had decided to pursue music again. She was also a musician herself, so I feel obligated to "carry the torch" and continue her legacy through my music. As long as I keep my focus on her as the reason for doing what I love to do, nothing can throw me off because my why is irrefutable, immovable, unchanging, constant, and powerful.


Keeping this in mind, the consequences of having a weak why are devastating. Trust me, I've been there before. When strong obstacles come, they tend to shake up your mental equilibrium. If your why is attached to something fleeting, inconsistent, unemotional, or completely material, the chances of you giving up on your dream vastly outweigh the likelihood that you'll keep going. And you could possibly end up spiraling into an abyss of self-defeat and self-sabotage due to feelings of unworthiness, doubt, worry, the list goes on.


So take a moment to ask yourself why you're doing what you do. If you've already done this, write it down. Keep it somewhere you can look at it as often as you need to if necessary. Don't let it escape you. And if you haven't done this yet, I highly suggest you do it now. You'll thank me later!


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